Dear Bosch Team,

Just to say a big thank you for your professional in attending to me from the show room, to the delivery and finally the installation which was done yesterday.

I don’t often write for services given but I was pleasantly surprised and feel that I have to write to show my appreciation. In a country where services are often below par you have all shown yourselves to be different and I hope you keep up with this standard.

Thank you

Mrs Robo Orekoya.

(a very satisfied customer)



Let me start by wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and a long overdue apology for the tone in my last email. Simply put the pressure leading up to the house opening was intense which magnified any and everything encountered. As much as I was I was upset with the unfortunate delay, it was not my intention to stray the overtone of our relationship. After all even my own container was delayed by a few months. The truth is when all was said and done, Pedini exhibited the highest level of customer service, I have ever experienced in the history of Nigeria. Your guys worked all through, if I’m not mistaking up till to Christmas eve, trying to make sure that your customer was satisfied. When they finished, they gathered up all loose boxes and discards and packed it away, cleaned their work areas and left the place spotless. They were professional, experienced and ironically the only aspect of the house opening that appeared organized and on point.

The fact is that even after my last email, you still sent your staff workers and ensured that they proceeded at a level that exceeded all expectations. This is not your typical Nigerian experience and I feel I have to commend in the same manner I criticized.

Finally, there are many flaws that one can call out with regards to my character, but loyalty is not one of them there was never any competition with regards to where I purchased any of the items that you sold. Further based on the level service you have provided, which I know I cannot get anywhere else, my loyalty is firm. Thank you.

Patrick O’keke, Esq.


Thanks a lot for the high level of professionalism displayed.

​- From Mrs Temitope​