About Us


For over 125 years, the Bosch name has been synonymous with engineering excellence. Our home appliances are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance which derives from our inherent unflagging commitment and painstaking thoroughness which every unit is made. As you would expect from German engineering, there are no gimmicks or frills with our products – just pure, clean lines and beautiful, functional simplicity that will enhance any kitchen.

Quality of life
Bosch products make daily life and work at home easier and more enjoyable. The focus is on developments that considerably contribute to easing the load, creating a little more quality of life every day.

Bosch home appliances meet the most exacting performance requirements and offer optimal ease-of-use. The Bosch product philosophy is characterised by high perceived value and value retention. The premium quality is made tangible by high-quality materials, which is visible in the workmanship.

Technical competency
Through experience and innovative spirit of the great inventors’ brand, Bosch guarantees superior technical achievements and the ability to combine new technologies with proven systems. That’s how Bosch offers holistic, matured solutions that focus on the needs of people and generates greater quality of life through maximum user benefit.

Bosch acts on the basis of clear long-term principles, making it a reliable partner in times of rapid change. Bosch regards responsibility for the community, people and their environment as an important guiding philosophy. The ‘Green Technology inside’ shows our commitment to a better future, and we give due regard to ecological criteria in the development of our efficient and particularly resource-conserving home appliances.

Green Technology Inside

Bosch Principles of Environmental Protection

Sustainability. We accept that our actions must be in accord with the ecology and that we have a responsibility to the community at large as well as to future generations. For this reason, we must observe respect for people’s health and safety, practice an economic use of resources and work towards a more natural and cleaner environment as a basic principle of our business policy.

Responsibility. It is the task of all Bosch associates to help protect the well-being and safety of people and the environment, as well as maintain strict compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining these issues. As a corporate leader it is our task to recognize if such dangers exist, to undertake appropriate actions to correct them.

Products. At Bosch, we pledge to develop and manufacture products that are safe, eco-friendly and economical. Our products are designed to reduce burdens to the environment during their everyday use, as well as during their subsequent recycling and disposal.

Processes. We design processes to ensure that – wherever economically feasible – people’s health and safety take priority and that negative effects on the environment are kept to a minimum. We also encourage this spirit among our suppliers and economic partners.

Continuous Improvement. We review our processes and our corporate activities on a regular basis, as well as measure their effects on people and on the environment. We do this to identify opportunities for improvement and ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our programs to protect people’s health and reduce environmental impact.